I love Dresses! (in collaboration with Amazon.com)

I love dresses! They make getting dressed easier. Once you put on a dress, and sometimes spanx, you’re finished!  A dress works best when the fit, fabric, and feel work best for your body type. I know that sheath dresses work well for me and I tend to gravitate toward them.

Fit is important, and alterations may be needed. Some dresses fit right off the rack but most of us need alterations to get a perfect fit. Fabrics that contain some percentage of spandex, tend to give and mold to your shape.

Fabric is important, because certain fabrics are more forgiving than others. If the fabric doesn’t flow, I won’t buy the dress.

Feel is important, because you won’t like wearing a heavy fabric in the summer or a thin fabric in the winter.

I have highlighted a few dresses below, I own both Calvin Klein Dresses and I am purchasing the third dress in green. (The last dress is only $29.99 and has almost 5 stars on Amazon!) Check out my amazon page for additional dresses, in all sizes, that will help you dress for success at work or play.