Reaching your goals and how a Blazer can help

I have been thinking, and talking, about this blog for a while.  The idea actually came up one day when I was at court. I started doodling in my planner and ended up designing this blog. I have no idea why I was day dreaming about a blog, but it was likely more fun than court. Nevertheless, I didn’t think much about the idea and went on with my day. In 2014, while living in Dallas, I actually purchased my domain name ( and started my Instagram account. I loved looking at magazines and Instagram is like a virtual fashion magazine. (If you haven’t please check me out on IG @courthousecouture.) Even though I purchased my domain, I focused on perfecting my selfies and learning the platform. I ended up moving back to Houston and kept up my posts on Instagram.  2014-2017 was a whirlwind however, it is now 2018 and I’m in a new season. After everything that I walked through, I decided that I needed to reach my God given dreams. And for me, writing and blogging are part of that journey.

How do Blazers fit in this narrative? Glad you asked, well I think a blazer is a fabulous invention. They can elevate almost any outfit, help frame your body, and there are numerous styles for any event or body type. My favorite blazer is a navy cotton stretch blazer that I bought at J Crew on sale last year. It can go from the courtroom to casual Friday and I paid around $100 for it. But based on the cost per wear, it was worth every penny.  Don’t want to spend $100? Then check out Old Navy, they have amazing options for about half the price.

Blazers make me feel secure and put together and when I feel that way, I can conquer anything. What is your go to outfit or accessory?


4 thoughts on “Reaching your goals and how a Blazer can help

  1. Courtney, great job on your blog!!! It is truly amazing!! I love it and the fact that you are following your dreams and incorporating all the things you love along the way!!! Well done LS!!

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