Why I have a curfew…and creating boundaries for yourself

I am over 30 and I have a curfew. I know it sounds a little weird so let me explain, when I decided to create this blog I realized that I needed to find time in my schedule to actually work on it. I decided the easy day for me to do that was on a Sunday afternoon or evening. So every Sunday, I try to make sure I am at home or headed home by 5 pm.

I love fun just like anyone else. However, I also realize that for my dreams to happen, I have to find time for them. And, I know I need rest. Sometimes, I over commit myself to responsibilities and need time to prepare for the week ahead. My type A personality will make me commit to numerous things but the reality is, I realize I cannot do everything anymore. I have to, for my own sanity, make room for what is truly important. My curfew, has provided me with the opportunity to do just that.

By getting home earlier I have time to meal prep, plan for the week ahead, re-evaluate responsibilities, and even blog when time allows. I have also learned to insert more rest in my schedule. I don’t need to be at EVERY event. I try to evaluate what aligns with my values and what I actually have time for in this current season of my life. I’m not saying the curfew is a magic cure for everything, but it has given me time to reflect and prepare.

Boundaries help us accomplish our goals and provide margin in our life. Maybe you don’t need a curfew, but maybe you need to say no to some things so you can say yes to others. Often the world of social media encourages us to put up boundaries with other people when we may need to place boundaries of some of our own behavior so we can enjoy life. (Although, we often need to place boundaries with other people too. But we can tackle that in another post. ) And a boundary doesn’t need to be a curfew, maybe you need to insert time to enjoy life. Maybe you need to insert “me time”, with no expected end or goal, except joy.

We all need a healthy balance in life. Boundaries can help us achieve that goal. And that my friends, is the reason I have a curfew on Sunday.

4 thoughts on “Why I have a curfew…and creating boundaries for yourself

  1. You better preach to me lol. I feel like I need to be at EVERY event and find myself worn out. Often.

    1. That’s me too. I’m just doing a better job of planning so that when I do say yes to things, I have also accounted for personal time as well. Balance helps, but we are all a work in progress.

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