4 lessons

Each year of life brings new lessons. I wanted to share at least 4 things I learned on my journey to 40 and during the year 2020.

  1. Discernment is developed through listening- I moved much faster when I was in my 20’s. I felt everything needed to be completed by a certain time and instead of slowing down to listen, I felt the need to move. Listening to our body, mind, and even other people is critical. If we are tired we need to rest, if our mind is in overdrive we may need to slow down and examine our thoughts, and if someone is saying something that doesn’t make sense…we need to think about what they are saying and showing us.
  2. Listening isn’t easy in a world where aggression or extraversion is praised. There is nothing wrong with action but failing to listen can keep us in unhealthy cycles, patterns, or relationships. I realized maybe 2 years ago that I needed to intentionally schedule time to rest on my calendar. Taking that time to rest gives me time to listen to my mind, body, and spirit.
  3. Not every good thing is your thing- Have you ever been presented with several great options? I have. It feels amazing to have choices but I have come to realize that even when we are presented with several good choices, not every good thing is good for us. We have to consider where we are in life, how that option will affect our schedule, our spirit, our mind, and our heart. Listening is key because if we don’t listen, we can easily think any option is the best option.
  4. Great things take time- If I look back over my life, I see that some things came easy but for most of my dreams, I’ve had to wait. Waiting has provided the opportunity for my own personal growth and development. I also can admit that whenever I have waited, the wait has been worth the delay. Every waiting season produced a harvest beyond my expectations. In a society where everyone wants everything to come quickly, don’t be discouraged or afraid of waiting. Waiting may be the tool used to provide you with your biggest blessings.

Happy New Year!!!